Who We Are (Emulsion)

Emulsion Printhouse was founded on the idea that high quality custom t-shirts & garment printing can, and should be more accessible in the USA. You should actually want to wear what you create, and we’re here to guide you there! All of our custom t-shirts & apparel are printed right here in New England. 

We are artists and we love people.

We see every job as a creative collaboration between our clients and ourselves. We live for design and love custom t-shirts & apparel, and we won’t hesitate to tell you if we don’t think something is going to look good. We have years of experience running and selling our own brand and we’re happy to share our expertise.

We pride ourselves on our appreciation of the nicer things, and we know you do to!

We use only the highest quality methods of screen printing, embroidery, and direct-to-garment printed, custom t-shirts in today’s industry. All of our machines are American Made and are up to date. You won’t find any old-school, gas-guzzling conveyer dryers in here. Emulsion Printhouse is a professional, boutique, apparel printing & design company / Established in Boston, MA in 2009 by graduates of Massachusetts College of Art & Design. 

Let’s make something great together.


Design Center (by appointment only)

Emulsion Printhouse

450 Harrison Ave

Boston, MA 02118


Print Facility (walk-ins welcome!)

Emulsion Printhouse

34 Taugwonk Spur Rd. #3

Stonington, CT 06378