juulsexual | Artist Series Tee

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Sarah Toomey, most commonly known as juulsexual, is a rural Connecticut townie turned Harvard student turned meme connoisseur. The target of her content? Local music, the concept of a DIY culture, and the word “indie” altogether. And content, in this case, means Arial font plastered over downright cursed images. It’s about time we all admitted to ourselves that we just won’t find love at the gig.


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Jordan Piantedosi | Artist Series Tee

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Jordan Piantedosi is an interdisciplinary maximalist based in Boston.  She is energized by genre-blending & subverting the expectations various artistic mediums.  The spirit of simultaneity in the digital age invites comparison between these disparate sets of artistic tradition – oil painting, textiles, comics, digital illustrations, etc, their varying levels of formality, where they are located in a cultural hierarchy, whether they contain a linear sense of time, and how they interact with oppositional forces.  Who do we identify as a protagonist?  An honest painter must admit that the act of painting, in its physicality, is the dragging of hair through slime.  One could say “painting is dead,” or “take a picture, it’ll last longer,” but in the activated state of observation, the eyes become two ants, and they devour a desire so slowly – the labor of artwork is a desire that cannibalizes itself.  Simultaneously, at the atomic level, the trajectory of a particle in motion will be influenced by the expectations and desires of the scientist who bears witness to it.  As the artist misrepresents the muse, the art lover projects herself into the artwork’s window of negative space – a sensual hologram.  The eyes drink color and begin to buzz.  When we become bashful from so much looking, we hide behind the artwork to feel seen.  In this way, the artist makes herself useful.  









Jordan Piantedosi on INSTAGRAM

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