Embroidered Apparel

Embroidery is a great way to customize hats, caps and  flats. The result is a classic look with a 3d touch and feel.

Embroidery on Polos, fleece jackets, and other textured garments make great company uniforms, but don’t always translate so well with a screen print. Mostly popular for custom caps, but looks great on almost anything!

Click Here for artwork guidelines.

**Minimum 24 units**

Minimum 24 Units
Setup Fee $55 Digitizing Fee
Max Print Size 4″x10″
Type of ProductsHats, Caps, Polos, Tees, Jackets
Type of Imprinted Embroidered Thread
Feel of Print3D tangible feel
Price Level$$
Best For – Hats – Caps- Small Chest Prints

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