The artwork would be a 1-color imprint on the front of a tee, tote, or hoodie. If you have a company or organization logo already, it’s a great time for some branding recognition. We can help edit/add text. Partnering with a local artist is a great way to grow your audience.


We will design and provide all mockups for the online store as well as campaign assets for you to post on social media.


You decide how long the campaign will run for, up to 3 weeks. We suggest 1-2 weeks as the immediacy tends to ramp up sales. You decide the product cost. We recommend $25 for a tee, $20 for a tote bag, and $45 for a hoodie. It is a great idea to offer a tote and tee with the same logo, as it gives a lower cost option. If you want to offer free shipping as an incentive, we would simple add $5 to the cost of the shirt printing to cover this cost.


Fundraising campaigns are totally free to start. Below are the costs based on total items sold for a basic Gildan G200  tee or BE007 tote including a 1-color imprint on the front and all fulfillment.  You set the product cost and you keep all of the profits after the below costs.
  • 15-23 = $15.00/shirt
  • 24-49 = $13.00/shirt
  • 50-100 = $12.50/shirt
  • 100-250 = $11.70/shirt
  • 250-500 = $10.20/shirt
  • 500+ = $9.20/shirt
For a premium quality tee we would recommend the Bella 3001 tee for +$1.80/shirt more. For a basic hoodie option such as the Gildan G185 please add +$15.00/shirt.


At least 15 items must sell in order for a campaign to go to print. If under 15 items sell by the end of the campaign, we will refund every purchase.


This is where you come in. We will handle all of the mockups, online stores, printing and fulfillment, but our audience only goes so far. The campaign will go as far as you can push it. Let your friends and family know. Send the link to your email list, get it on all social media platforms. The sky is the limit and people are eager to help right now!


All items will be shipped directly from our studio via USPS. US orders only. There is no international shipping available for fundraisers. If you have international customers, we recommend purchasing from the fundraiser yourself and mailing the items after the fact.


All payments will be made via PayPal. We would require your PayPal info to be submitted before the start of the campaign.


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