Screen Printing

Screen Printing

The oldest and most popular form of apparel printing, screen printing is incredibly versatile with many ink options. This 1-color-at-a-time printing process involves creating a stencil “screen” for each print color, and then applying a very thin layer of ink directly to the surface of the garment.  

Vintage / Soft Inks

Vintage screen printing is a process where less ink is laid down upon the shirt to ensure a minimal feeling. Waterbased and soft inks available as well.

Shimmer & Reflective Inks

Gold, Copper &  Silver shimmer inks are available for all your aspiring rap careers. Neon fluorescents and reflective inks available as well.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing


We also offer custom screen printing for interior tags  on select garments for a professional finish. Perfect for apparel brands and limited edition shirts. We’ll even remove the interior tag for you!

**Minimum 48 units**

 Screen Printing Details
Minimum 24 Units
Setup Fee $20 per color/location
Max Print Size 13″x18″ (15″x20″ oversized)
Type of Products All Tees / Hoodies
Type of Ink  Spot Color (Shimmer & Neon available)
Feel of Print Some Feel (Soft Inks Available)
Price Level $
Best For – Tees – Large Orders – Hoodies / Fleece

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