Custom Made Shirts | Samples

Could I see a printed sample first?

Custom made shirts take alot to create. Due to the extensive setup time invovled, custom printed shirt samples are very rare in this industry. We do not offer free printed samples for orders less than 500 units. We do provide a free digital proof with every invoice of custom made shirts or apparel. Each digital proof includes information such as print size, garment specifications, ink colors, specialty printing details and more. Digital proofs are a great way to see how your shirt will look printed before any production begins.

If a custom made shirt sample is absolutely necessary, we can offer this service for a fee of $60 per color/location + $5.00 US shipping on any standard t-shirt. For example, a standard t-shirt with a 2-color front print/1-color back print would be $180 + $5.00 shipping for a printed sample. Although this may seem like a rather expensive process, the time required to create this sample from start to finish would be multiple hours. Printed samples may add up to an additional 10 business days to arrive. Full production will not begin until after this process has completed and a printed sample has been approved.

  • $60 per color/location
  • $5.00 US shipping
  • Added 2 weeks of production time

Could I see an unprinted sample?

We do offer unprinted blanks ordered directly from our wholesales and shipped directly to you. A single, blank, standard t-shirt would cost $20 which includes free US shipping. For each additional sample on a standard blank t-shirt please add +$5.00/unit. This is a great way to get the feeling of the material without the necessity of a sample for your custom made shirts. For any specialty items such as custom hoodies, custom tank tops, ladies garments, and more please contact your Emulsion representative.

  • $20 for first standard t-shirt
  • $5.00/unit per additional standard t-shirt
  • Added cost for specialty items