Shirt tag printing (sometimes known as “relabeling”) is a process in which the hang tag from a shirt is removed, and your custom logo/information is printed on the inside back neck of the garment. This is a great way to add a bit of professionalism and individuality to your garments as well as add some valuable information like a website for future reference.

Emulsion Printhouse originally started as a small clothing brand before becoming a full time print shop. We decided a long time ago that quality was in the small details. For this reason we have chosen to exclusively screen print all of the custom shirt tag printing we offer. This ensures the longest lasting and highest quality print, that won’t feel cheap like a heat stamp. Each different size (ie. “M”) gets it’s very own screen, which is setup individually for each batch of the corresponding size garments. This also means that their is a great deal of setup time involved with shirt tag printing, which is why we require a minimum to get started. Please note, only garments with flat jersey material such as a t-shirts or can be printed with custom tags. Many hoodies (such as Gildan) and other fleece do not provide an appropriate interior material to ensure a proper print.

  • Minimum 48 units total
  • Minimum 12 units per individual size

Tag Removal

In order to completely remove a tag from a t-shirt, the garment must have a tear-away label. This is a specific type of perforated hang tag which pulls right out of the neckline. More and more brands are catching onto this trend and releasing different styles with every new season. Some of our favorites are the Anvil 980 and the Next Level 3600. All other garments typically come with a satin label which is sewn into the shirt collar. This type of hang tag cannot be completely removed. The tag can be cut with scissors close to the neckline, but there will always be a slight amount of tag left over. For this reason we only offer shirts with tear-away labels for custom tag printing.

  • Tear-Away labels only
  • Anvil 980
  • Next level 3600

Light Colored Garments

When custom tag printing on light colored garments, it is important to remember that there may be some show through on the back of the shirt. Light colored shirts, especially those that are soft/thin will always run into this problem, even with a very light print. A few good ways to deal with this is to choose a light colored ink such as grey, or to design your tag in a way that incorporates lots of  line work and negative space. This way you won’t have something like a large black square showing through the back of the shirt from your custom tag printing.

  • Choose a light color ink
  • Design with negative space
  • Incorporate line work
  • Avoid large areas of ink

Relabel Information

In order to sell a garment on a professional level, there are a few pieces of information which are required to include. This is why wholesale companies do not provide is blank garments without any labels from the start. When designing for your custom tag printing, please include the following information:

  • Your logo or company name
  • Shirt size
  • Fiber material (100% cotton etc.)
  • Country of origin (varies per shirt)
  • Care instructions (symbols or text)

Design Specifications

Just like all screen printing, custom tag printing requires good artwork for a good print. Please provide files which are a vectored .pdf/.ai (ideally), or at least a full resolution flat image (300 dpi). Most tag prints are about 2.5″ wide, though we can print up to a maximum of 4″x4″. Each size must be provided as it’s own design including all of the information above.

  • Vectored or full res graphic
  • 4″x4″ max
  • Provide each size being printed