Aside from offering retail quality apparel printing, we also offer fully custom t-shirt design for any apparel idea, recreation, or clean-up project you have in mind. Work 1 on 1 with our amazing in house design team today!



Custom t-shirt design, cleanup, or design recreation, starts at $100/hour. Total cost will depend upon the design complexity of your project, but we’d be happy to send you a free custom quote! (Average: ~30 minutes to 5 hours)

Design Cleanup

Already have a design, but need a few tweaks or additions? We can do that too! We’re happy to make edits to any original design you or your business already has to supply.

Design Recreation

Do you have a physical shirt from the past that you want to reprint but no digital files? How about a very small image file, or something you simply drew on a napkin? We can help! We offer t-shirt design recreation from any starting point, no matter how humble.

Logo Design

Are you looking for a new logo or branding for your company that you can use across everything from business cards, to the side of your truck? While our t-shirt design services are reserved exclusively for apparel printing, we’d be happy to connect you with one of our amazing designers for a full rights freelance logo design project.